Benefits of Scalp Massage

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The head and neck area accumulate a lot of stress and for the most part we ignore the scalp only small amount of men and women get body massage once a month but scalp massage not is not even considered to be necessary.

The massage clears, revitalizes the mind and improves concentration. It increases the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid that acts as a buffer, protecting the brain and spine injuries. Scalp Massage balances the person giving a feeling of calm and peace since it works on the higher chakras, mobilizing the energy, thus bringing the body back to work harmoniously. Massage also helps in relaxing muscles of the neck area. Scalp and hair massage promotes sound sleep at night, and is not only beneficial for your nervous system and mind, but for the nutrition and beauty of our hair. It helps in strengthening of the hair roots and nourishing the hair-shafts increasing the luster and vibrancy of it by spreading the natural oils. A well-done Scalp Massage with natural oils will clear up your sinus and might help to prevent  headaches and  helps makes follicles stronger.

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